Shark Steam Pocket Mop Works Great For Me

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When I first bought Shark Steam Mop I must say that I was a little skeptical but now I think I’m in love with this new steam mop. To be honest, I actually bought the first shark steam mop because I was not aware that the new version had come out recently. I decided since [...]

Shark Steam Pocket Mop Has Pros And Cons


Purchased The Shark with the separate canister and attachments. I mop my floors once every week or two and am happy with how it cleans however my linolium floor is not fairing very well since I have been using it. If you have any dings in your floor you will start to notice them as [...]

Review of Shark Steam Mop and Pergo Laminate Floors


I am having the same streaking on my laminate floors. I have always cleaned with clear water before. I used mine for the first time tonight, first with the white cover – left my floors looking aweful like I had used a dirty mop. Then after reading the posts here, I used the purple cover. [...]

No Complaints – Shark Steam Mop Fan!

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We recently rented an older house with terrazzo floors, badly stained, by old wax build up and who knows what else. Pouring straight bleach on the floor and using a scouring pad [Scotch Brite] didn’t faze these areas, but certainly kicked my asthma and allergies into high gear. We purchased several different types of regular [...]