Shark Steam Mop – Is it the Best Steam Mop on the Market?

If you watch television frequently then you have probably seen the Shark Steam Mop infomercial at least once or twice. In it they claim that the Shark Steam Mop can clean your floor 1000 times better than a traditional mop. While steam mops have certainly proven themselves to be better than the old mop and bucket, 1000 times better is a pretty bold claim. Overall, this kind of mop is surely the next level up from traditional mops.

When Shark Steam Mop appeared on the market, people came out in droves to buy it. Then the reviews on the product started rolling it. It seems that an overwhelming number of people love the idea of the Shark Steam Mop, or at least a steam mop in general, but many were dissatisfied with the performance of the Shark. Some of them said that the mop lacks a lot of features and a lot of them posted negative comments.

The common complaints in the Shark Steam Mop reviews are that it lacks a pivoting head, it has a small tank, and it has a very flimsy handle. The lack of a pivoting head makes it difficult to clean around toilets and furniture. The small tank means you will have to interrupt mopping frequently in order to refill the mop. And the flimsy handle is perhaps the biggest issue. Not only are there complaints of it being flimsy, there are also many, many reports of it breaking. While Shark does sell a replacement part, who wants to spend additional money when a poorly designed product fails?

In all fairness, I was able to find some positive reviews for the Shark Steam Mop. From what I can tell, it seems to work best on tile floors. Those with laminate and hardwood often reported streaking while many with tile floors reported being happy with the Shark.

Steam mops do have a lot of advantages over a traditional mop. When you are using a steam mop, you do not need to use detergents or harsh chemicals on your floors. It uses only water and heat so you can say goodbye to those harsh chemicals and detergents. It also uses microfiber pads that helps scrub the dirt, grime and mud from your floors. The dirt will be trapped in the fibers of the cleaning pad instead of spreading around the floor like a traditional mop usually does. The pads can than can be thrown in the washing machine to be cleaned before being used again. Overall, it is really convenient to use a steam mop compared with traditional mop.

I do not however recommend the Shark Steam Mop as the best steam mop out there. There are much better alternatives if you have your heart set on purchasing a steam mop.

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