Shark Steam Mop – Seriously Flawed

The Shark Steam Mop has major name recognition. When some one mentions steam mops, it is probably this infomerical sweetheart that first comes to mind. But one thing is certain about the Shark Steam Mop….it is seriously flawed. From it’s design to it’s performance, there are plenty of things that are wrong with this mop making it a waste of your money.

There are a lot of reviews out there about the Shark Steam Mop and you only have to read a few of them to start seeing that this is probably not the best steam mop around. In fact, nearly half the Shark Steam Mop reviews I read were negative ones complaining about the product’s durability and performance.

So what are the issues that consumers are having with their Shark Steam Mop? One of the biggest problems is it’s flimsy design. Many, many people report having the handle of their Shark Steam Mop break off on them. This is such an enormous problem that Shark actually sells handle replacement kits so people can fix their broken mops.

Another flaw of the Shark Steam Mop is that it only has one steam hole. While many other steam mops have many holes, the Shark only has a single hole for the steam to come out of. By comparison, the Haan Steam Mop offers 15 steam holes. This alone is enough to tell you that the Shark doesn’t do the most efficient job at cleaning and sanitizing your floors. Add in the fact that the Shark doesn’t heat water to the 212 degrees necessary to actually kill germs and bacteria and you can start to see that this steam mop’s performance is far from the best.

The Shark also has one of the smallest steam mop water tanks. Only holding a measly ten ounces of water at a time, you will have to stop and refill every ten minutes or so. If you don’t have a lot of floors to mop, this isn’t a problem. But if your house consists of mainly bare floor surfaces, this can take up a significant amount of your time.

Shark did come out with a newer version a couple years ago, the Shark Pocket Steam Mop, which is their deluxe version. This newer mop doesn’t have some of the problems that I have mentioned about the original model. There are however several better options for steam mops than the Shark!

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