No Complaints – Shark Steam Mop Fan!

We recently rented an older house with terrazzo floors, badly stained, by old wax build up and who knows what else. Pouring straight bleach on the floor and using a scouring pad [Scotch Brite] didn’t faze these areas, but certainly kicked my asthma and allergies into high gear. We purchased several different types of regular mops and cleaners since moving in September 2010, all with bad results.

Our new Shark Pocket Mop arrived yesterday. The floors I’ve used it on, I’m very pleased by the results, so far. These floors were bad enough I had to keep going over the same problem areas several times, but well worth the effort! They look 100% better than they did!

Pros I found using it: Using just water, my asthma and allergies were not affected. You get a lot of use out of the little water the tank holds. EASY to operate and get going. In this 1500 sq ft home, mostly open areas that I worked on, I had plenty of electrical cord. EASY to change mop head pads or mop head types. I had no problem after 2 pumps of the handle once the water was hot, if I needed more steam I shortened my strokes.

Too soon to tell if longevity issues will an issue, but I hope not. Compared to cost of mops I’ve tried here, and repeated changes of cleaners that didn’t work and/or I really can’t use, the cost is minute for the Shark.

Cons I found using it: [and I really can't complain about it much] no on/off switch [it has to be plugged in or unplugged] and a ‘ready’ light would be helpful. It doesn’t take a Rocket Science Degree to figure out if it’s ready to go.

It will take a major disappointment for me not to like this household tool.

-Carol S

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