Review of Shark Steam Mop and Pergo Laminate Floors

I am having the same streaking on my laminate floors. I have always cleaned with clear water before. I used mine for the first time tonight, first with the white cover – left my floors looking aweful like I had used a dirty mop. Then after reading the posts here, I used the purple cover. I am frustrated, they look just as bad. My entire downstairs is Pergo floors, and now they have a dull haze I will have to buff off with a towel.

Are we supposed to wash the covers before the first use? I hope that is all is. I still cleaned my floors of all the spills from my 4 kids, but they don’t look good. Does anyone actually have a solution as to how to prevent the streaking?

Not giving up yet!!!


Okay, did I say I wouldn’t give up? I just posted my frustration about the streaking and haze on my Pergo laminate floors…it’s my fault! Years of build-up and the wrong care. Pergo recommends vinegar and warm water to remove the residue. After spot cleaning a three foot area with vinegar, I ran the steam pocket mop over the area and MAN do they look good!

So here goes:

If you see streaking, hazing or film, it is because your floors need to be deeply cleaned once. After the initial care, the mop will maintain the shine and eliminate the hassle of the deep cleaning! Whew, I feel better now.

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