Shark Steam Pocket Mop Has Pros And Cons

Purchased The Shark with the separate canister and attachments. I mop my floors once every week or two and am happy with how it cleans however my linolium floor is not fairing very well since I have been using it. If you have any dings in your floor you will start to notice them as dark spots after a few uses then it’s too late because the steam has gotten underneath the top layer and is drying out the glue therefore pulling away from the floor. It does leave dirt around moulding that you have to wipe off with a towel no matter how well you sweep or vacuum. I LOVE how it cleans my showers and bath tubs! I clean them once every week or two.

I have really hard water and soap scum is a HUGE HUGE problem. Although you have to wipe it away I’d rather wipe than scrub and scrub not get anywhere and hardly be able to breathe from all the chemicals in the process. The handle seems pretty wimpy but if you mop often depending on how many kids and pets you have with how hot the steam is it should be effortless. The pads do stain no matter what detergent I use. The brush attachments are hard to clean even with holding it with a set of pliers and shooting it with the shark the goo from the soap scum never fully comes off. So pros and cons just like any other product.


After comparing prices for several months and waiting for a significant price drop, I purchased the Shark Steam Mop from Costco for $70 ($94.99 – $25 Costco coupon). 3 separate friends raved about the Steam Mop, so I was excited that I found such a good deal! It came with 3 attachments (Reg., XL, and Triangle), 3 mop heads, and the purple duster head. I have only used it this once, but it has done a WONDERFUL job on my ceramic tile floor as well as the hardwood. I used the white XL pad for my tile, the purple pad for my hardwood. It saved me so much time and hassle over Swiffer Wet Mops and just a regular mop and water. I would HIGHLY recommend!

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