Shark Steam Mop – A Closer Look at it’s Features and Reviews

The Shark Steam Mop is an infomerical superstar with some good features but it also has some serious design issues. Here’s a look at it’s features, good and bad, as well as a peek at what consumers have to say about this steam mop in their reviews of the product.

First a look at the Shark’s good features. The mop heats up quickly. The Shark is suppose to be ready for use in about 30 seconds. It has a 12 inch cleaning path which is decent sized. Many will also like the Shark’s lightweight design. It only weighs about 3 lbs.

An ergonomic, soft gripe handle and 20 feet cord are other highlights of the Shark’s design. The steam mop comes with two mop pads which are made from triple action microfiber. Like all steam mop pads, they are machine washable which makes clean up easy!

Now for the flaws of the Shark Steam Mop. It’s water tank is far too small. At ten ounces, it really isn’t big enough. You will likely need to refill every ten minutes or so and if you have a lot of rooms with bare floors to mop, this can become time consuming.

Another issue is the steam hole design. While many steam mops have several steam holes to emit the steam, the Shark steam mop has only one hole. Not at all enough to do an efficient enough job in my opinion! And in order to make the mop produce steam, you must constantly push a trigger on the mop. Many report this extra task becomes exhausting after a while especially if you have a lot of floor to cover.

But probably the biggest problem of all with the Shark Steam Mop is it’s overall build. Many report the mop feels flimsy when using it and indeed still many more have reported that their Shark Steam Mop’s handle has broken off during use. The good folks at Shark will gladly sell you a replacement kit should your handle happen to break off but who wants to deal with the extra cost and hassle of all that?

Besides complaints of broken handles, many customer reviews for the Shark Steam Mop also complain of the mop leaving the floors streaked, especially on laminate and hardwood.

So taking into account these issues, I really think that despite the Shark Steam Mop’s reasonable price it is not the best steam mop out there. There are several better designed, sturdier steam mops that you can buy.


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