Shark Steam Mop Reviews – What Do Customers Say?

The Shark Steam Mop is without a doubt the most well known steam mop on the market today. With the ads on television and it’s widespread availability in stores and online, few people haven’t had at least some exposure to this popular product. But many may be left wondering how this infomercial superstar really performs. Well, the customer reviews on the Shark Steam Mop are pretty split. It’s seems that many are happy with the steam mop and just as many have complaints about it.

The Shark Steam Mop promises to get floors cleaner than a traditional mop. While it likely achieves this, it does have some serious design and performance flaws that left many customers unhappy with their purchase.

Among one of the biggest problems consumers of the Shark Steam Mop had was with it’s design. Many found the mop’s design to be flimsy and quite a few had problems with the handle of the Shark breaking off. It seems to be a common occurrence and Shark even sells replacement handle kits. Spending $60 or more on a mop and then having to shell out more on it a few months later doesn’t leave a consumer with a good feeling toward a product.

It appears from the Shark Steam Mop reviews I have read that many customers also had other complaints about the steam mop. One I saw a lot was that the water tank was just too small. Indeed, the Shark does have one of the smallest water tanks of any steam mop at only 10 ounces capacity. Frequent refills will be necessary if you have a big area or many rooms to cover.

While many consumers were unhappy with their Shark Steam Mop purchase, to be fair there were quite a few who were happy with the mop and it’s performance. They felt that the steam mop did a good job and made their lives easier. I think no one will argue that using a steam mop is better than using the old traditional mop and bucket method for getting your floors clean but I do feel that there are many other better options out there to the Shark Steam Mop.

With dozens of steam mops to choose from these days, there is no need to settle on the Shark because it certainly isn’t your only option. I recommend going with a steam mop with better reviews and saving yourself the headache of potentially having your mop break or stop working after you have invested your hard earned money on it.

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